Full-moon Thao

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Full-moon Thao
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Image by Henry__Spencer
I played with long exposure photography a lot with the models I shot. This one in particular was shot during a full moon, giving the necessary light on the sky, clouds and ocean. These were about 5 second exposures.

For all the "cinemaphotographers": big softbox cam left, and a bare strobe cam right. All triggered with RF602. If I had to do this again, WAY WAY less light on the sand. If I was selling sand, this would have been a great shot.

As with all the images i'll upload on this page, you are more than welcome to download this image and use it in any way you like -- commercial or not. If you like my images, please come back and see me again, and remember, this is where you can get free, professional images for any need you may have. See my profile for more information.

Further, if you like this particular model, let me know via the comments, or however you'd like. I almost always have a ton of other images from these model shoots and can post more if you'd like.

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Dirty Speckled Turquoise Blue Plexiglass Texture
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Image by © 2006-2013 Pink Sherbet Photography
My photos that have a creative commons license and are free for everyone to download, edit, alter and use as long as you give me, "D Sharon Pruitt" credit as the original owner of the photo. Have fun and enjoy!