Kremi Mineva (Violin), Clog Dancer); 2 Jan 2008

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Kremi Mineva (Violin), Clog Dancer); 2 Jan 2008
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Image by ~BC~
Per Hauberg, from Denmark, has given me permission to add his photo to this photo website. Here is a link back to his original photo:
You will find many additional photos taken by Per of Andre & the JSO musicans.

To see Kremi in a much larger photo, look above this photo & click on All Sizes; Now click on Original & you will now see Kremi is the largest, highest resolution photo on the internet.

MUSICOGRAPHY Here is a list of all the DVD's Kremi appears in, the most recent is on top....

Maastricht V aka Under the Stars

Home For Christmas

Roses From The South

Maastricht 4 aka A Midsummer night's Dream

My African Dream

Live in Australia

I lost my heart in Heidelberg

Live in Sydney 2009

Live in Maastricht 3
Live in Australia

Live in Maastricht 2

Live in Dresden aka Semperoper aka Dancing Through the Skies aka Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel hinein aka Wedding at the Opera

Wonderland aka Eftling

Live in Vienna

New York Memories aka Live in New York aka Live At Radio City Music Hall

#13 Feast of Fire aka Feuerfest - Admires Rolands muscles

Songs From My Heart

New Years Eve in Vienna aka Silvester in Wien

New Years Eve Punsch aka Silvester Punsch

Flying Dutchman

Live in Dublin

100 Years of Strauss


Gala Concert
#5 Clog Dance - dancer

Royal Albert Hall

Romantic Moments