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Leather photo albums.
photo albums
Image by doneastwest
These are our oldest family albums, made, maybe in China. They have photos taken in the 1910s, 20s, 30s, and 40s: Mom and Dad's wedding photos, a tour of duty in San Diego, the trip to Asia, etc.

July 9, 2009.
The albums are being opened now and reorganized:

Album 084 cover | omslag
photo albums
Image by Länsmuseet Gävleborg
Album in green vinyl.
Size: 46 x 32 cm.
Album i grön vinyl.

Photograph by: Mats Fallqvist, Länsmuseet Gävleborg

Family photo album - leather cover
photo albums
Image by whatsthatpicture
This little album contains 36 cartes de visite pictures, primarily of my family. I'll be sharing them over the next week or so. As someone who usually shares pictures of other people's families, or of complete unknowns, it's lovely to be sharing some of 'my own' - see www.flickr.com/photos/whatsthatpicture/sets/7215763159517...