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(animated stereo) Shepherds over Jerusalem (1920s?)
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Image by Thiophene_Guy
To see the animated image source scroll down to the first comment below or view original size (look above in the "actions" menu).

Details and History
The Library of Congress website offers a multitude of historical images, many with no known restrictions on use. This scene is from the early 20th century American Colony (Jerusalem) stereograph titled 2 shepherd[s] & tree on Mt. of Olives This is a rare example of vertical camera orientation, likely used to obtain two photos with different exposures.

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Copyright Advisory
The purpose here is not to duplicate the original image, from the Library of Congress website, but to generate a downloadable animated gif to assist viewing and presentation. The original image has no known restrictions on use: www.loc.gov/pictures/item/mpc2005000113/PP/ .

Technical trivia
Image manipulations and animated gif generation done with StereoPhotoMaker, a freeware program by Masuji Suto & David Sykes.