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Kodak Retina IIc (020) and Retina IB (019-II)
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Image by TempusVolat
My latest Acquisition - it was a bit of a gamble this one as it wasn't cheap (£40 + P&P) but I was pretty sure it wouldn't need much to get it working and they are quite desirable cameras. basically It had a 'locked out' wind-on (reached no.1) and the shutter trigger mechanism was binding/preventing it from resetting after a shot - All working now!

This coupled rangefinder camera has the Schneider Xenon C lens fitted, though examples for the European marketplace were available with Rodenstock Heligon C lenses. A point to note with these cameras, the lens serial number is engraved on the lens mount as well as on the lens, they should both match. The front element of the lens is interchangeable with 35mm or 80mm components, these needing the use of the auxiliary viewfinder which fits in the accessory shoe. Unfortunately the rangefinder only couples accurately with the 50mm lens, requiring a degree of cross-referencing of distance scales when the auxiliary lenses are used.

name: Kodak Retina IIc (020)
produced between: 1954 - 1957
lens: f/2.8 50mm various
shutter: Synchro-Compur
film type: 135
picture size: 24 x 36 mm
quantity made: 136,000

Ref: kodak.3106.net/index.php?p=210&cam=1357