Nice Photo Album photos

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A few nice photo album images I found:

Kodak Negative Album - Pages 2 and 3
photo album
Image by Enokson
I found this “Kodak Negative Album” in a storage room housing old yearbooks and related paraphernalia in the junior high school I work at. It contains around three dozen 4” x 5” photo negatives and the inside writing is dated as 1923 and 1924. I was able to deduce, by the names of the people written inside, that the album belonged to our school’s namesake, who died in the early 1960’s, before the school was built. It looks like the negatives contain some pretty amazing photos of the era, including a few of his friend, Granville Bantock, a British composer.

What a fun and wonderful find this afternoon! This seems to be a special piece of history that I’m sure our school namesake’s family would love to have, or donate to a museum. It’s in wonderful shape and I’m guessing that photos can still be printed from the negatives.