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Riverside Recreation Site
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Image by `James Wheeler
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Back in April we were eager to start the summer camping season so we headed up to Squamish and were planning on going to Alice lake but it wasn't open yet because of the weather, so we found Riverside Recreation Site and stayed here for the weekend. We have since been to Alice lake and I think this recreation site is actually better anyways.

Lens: Nikon 18-200mm lens

Photo Processing Software used: Adobe Photoshop; Photomatix; Nik Vivenza; Topaz Adjust;

Feel free to download the full size version of Riverside Recreation Site from my blog for personal use. For commercial use, please contact me for pricing.

Iron Age / Protohistoric artefacts from Northeastern Sierra Leone (West Africa)
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Image by gbaku
Photo taken at Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone, 1968