Erntedankfest Bardowick

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Erntedankfest Bardowick
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Image by madle-fotowelt.de
Der Wagen besteht aus Korn, Blumen und Gemüse zum Erntedankfest in Bardowick bei Lüneburg.
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More pictures and infos on our website http:www.madle-fotowelt.de.

Twin Peaks Foothills
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Image by Striking Photography by Bo Insogna
The Twin Peaks. Mt. Meeker 13,955' om the left and Longs Peak 14,255 on the right with the layering foothills leading up to them. Took this last nights. This was after sunset. Wanted to get a the layers with a glow but did not pull any colors.

Fractal Forest
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Image by Walt Stoneburner
Fractal Forest at Brookside Gardens