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Blue Tang Aquatics site powered by Joomla and my customised template based on design mockup by Adflare Group
photo editing websites
Image by Vanessa Pike-Russell
A website created based on three mock-up images provided by Adflare's senior designer and converted to a Joomla template.

For this Joomla template I used a modified version of the mockup image as the background image, hiding left and right columns to create a 1 column template format. This allowed the template width to meet the requirements in the mockup design.

The top menu was based on ja_purity's suckerfish menu navigation but customised extensively to fit the template. The menu was generated to mimic the website's site map as provided by the client.

The gallery was created by using an iframe displaying a slideshow of images hosted on flickr which can be updated by the client by logging into flickr, uploading photos and using the Organiser to order them.

Articles were categorised by topic so that Joomla automatically created Next and Previous buttons where required.

A teaser table was created to display two lines of content from five articles that the client wished to feature on the front page. I will be creating a user friendly template ja_vars.php file so that the text and teaser images can be edited in template admin.

Content module was modified to display contact information within one table cell so that the contact form could be displayed with it, all on the one page without scrolling.


:: Fallen from Grace - iPhoneography
photo editing websites
Image by Evan Santé
by American Photographer Evan Santé: New York, London, San Francisco

Like the rest of the world; I have fallen in love with my iPhone and the creative freedom the various camera / editing applications provide… Unthinkable only a few years ago, I often find myself choosing to leave home without my DSLR. To be sure, there are tradeoffs but Camera Phone Photography offers a flexibility and style that is unique within the digital art world.

Much like Googled; iPhoneography has become a generic term representing any type of image taken with a mobile device.

All of the images contained within this photoset were created using one of my iOS Devices. You can find the specific information on Device, Camera & Processing Application’s used in the Tags section.

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